weddings are awesome and everyone wants theirs to be the most kick ass wedding ever. getting there, however, isn’t always that easy. for most, wedding planning can often prove to be a ridiculously stressful and miserably complicated process. but let us assure you right now that you won’t experience any of that stress or anxiety with us. we strive to make your entire photography process – from initial inquiry to final image delivery – an enjoyable and memorable one.

how do we do that? simple really: we approach our business in a manner that is transparent, flexible, accommodating, fair and honest. after all, while this is a business transaction that we will repeat many times over each year, we never lose sight of the fact that this is a major life event for you that we only have one chance of nailing.

so, start off by taking a look at the questions we often receive. after that, if you still have some questions you need answered, let’s plan a call or video chat to make sure you’re completely comfortable with the process.



it’s your day; we’re just along for the ride. as such, for the vast majority of the day, we’re there to capture the genuine moments and will not try to arrange things to make for a good picture. it’s inauthentic and not our style.

the only exception to this, however, is during the portraits. this is a time when many couples get uncomfortable and need some guidance and direction to yield the best results.

this is why we strongly suggest and get super excited about engagement sessions. this is a great opportunity to build some rapport between ourselves and acclimate yourselves to being in front of the lens.

prices can vary depending upon availability and wedding location, but packages start at $3600. send us an email ( and we’ll get you our detailed pricing sheet.

we do. a non-refundable deposit of $1000 secures the wedding day for you.

pretty much anywhere. seriously. as long as the state department doesn’t have a serious travel advisory in place for your chosen destination, we’ll go there.

we have an epic destination wedding package or we can build a custom package for you. email us ( and we’ll get it to you.

travel charges may apply for destinations that require air travel or that are outside of a 75 mile radius from portsmouth, nh. 

nope! 45 days prior to the wedding day, you’ll receive a questionnaire from us with everything we need to know about your day. included in that is the only shot list I ask for: the groupings for family photos.

you betcha. we process each and every image to ensure the exposure, color and overall aesthetic of all images are uniform and as we intend them to be.

yes. and no. yes, we will absolutely deliver each and every image worthy of being delivered.

but the ones where someone’s blinking or making a hideous face or accidentally blocking our shot, etc. etc.? no, those end up on the cutting room floor.

to get an idea of what a full gallery looks like, check out our “real weddings”.

we try our hardest to get you a sneak peek within a week after the wedding and the full gallery six (or so) weeks after that. but, sometimes, life gets in the way. jonathan has two little kids; justin owns and operates his own business. you get the idea.

bottomline: we don’t want to hold them hostage from you, so you’ll get them out to you as quickly as we can bust ‘em out.

no, they are and will always be proprietary. however, we give you full print and distribution rights. basically, that means you can do with them as you wish as long as they’re not altered and you dpn’t make money from them. that’s just a good, right?

s-uh-weeet! first of all, thanks! 

to get started, fill out our contact form and click the “ready to book” button. from there, as long as we have your date available, we’ll send you a custom payment portal online where you can review/sign our contract and make the deposit via credit card or paypal (cash and check work as well).

  1. we shoot with professional nikon gear (and yes, we have back ups);
  2. we dress comfortably yet appropriately;
  3. we have insurance and can provide it if your venue and/or vendors needs a copy:
  4. we don’t do video but can refer some folks to you;