we don't really like talking about ourselves. so we won't.
instead, we'll tell you why we love what we do.

// justin //

// jonathan //

it all comes down to a handful things: the LOVE; the REACTIONS; the SURPRISES; the STORY.

The Love

you’re asking the most important people in your life to to share the joy of your wedding day with you. this chorus of LOVEas your family and friends shower you with encouragement and happiness, lives on forever in the pictures we deliver.

The reactions

it’s this love that produce unexpected REACTIONS. fathers weeping like babies. grandmothers dancing like their younger selves. the emotions and excitement of the day easily move people. it’s amazing to witness, collect and deliver to you.


The suprises

and as best as you try to imagine how your day will play out, things can tend to go a bit off script. there might be moments that make you cringe from embarrassment. or cry tears of joy. or laughter. or both. these are the SURPRISES that can’t be orchestrated and we look to capture.

The story

in the end, your wedding is about you. from start to finish, you are the reason siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends – both old and new – all gather to mingle under one roof. it’s unlikely that you will ever get this collection of people together ever again. and it is a STORY that only you can tell. and it is this story we want to capture and present to you.



// justin and jonathan.

YOUR photographers

so go on; have a ball. and let’s make some magic together.

// justin and jonathan.

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